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€4,809,548 in 29 days

Last February we broke crowdfunding records and raised $1.19 million for the new collection of LIV Watches. When Filippo Loreti asked me to help them with their launch, I knew we had great chances of smashing that record… I just didn’t expect we’d more than quadruple...

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7 Reasons You Should NOT Create a Facebook Business Page

Are you looking for ways to promote your business online? Are you thinking about creating a Facebook business page? Or maybe even think that you must have one? After all, Facebook is the biggest social network in the entire world with more than 1.31 billion active...

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7 Brutal Ways to Fight Facebook Ad Fatigue

If you've ever run any Facebook advertising campaigns, you must have experienced the frustration that comes with Facebook ad fatigue - haven't you? Think of your last campaign. You did everything just perfectly: identified the best target audience, found a product...

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15 Genuine Ways to Get Real Facebook Fans For Free

It was a lovely Friday afternoon. I was own my way to the old town of Vilnius, listening to Pat Flynn on the Smart Passive Income podcast, when I heard him say this: "Let's stop talking about traffic, let's talk about people because these are real people coming to...

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