Some Journey Statistics:

  • 6 flights and 5 different planes
  • 10072 kilometres in the air
  • 3 hours of sleep at London Heathrow airport on a bench
  • 48 minutes of increasing frustration after realising that I’m at Terminal 4 instead of Terminal 1
  • 17 minutes of running at Lisbon’s airport
  • 1 missing crew member and 46 minutes of driving in circles on a bus at Lisbon’s airport
  • 1 hyper-active child sitting behind me during the longest (~10 hours) continuous flight of my life
  • 1 last man standing (that I’ll tell you more about later)
  • And lastly, 1Spanish goal🙂

The Longest Journey

OK, everything began on the 10th of July.

I left my home-town Alytus at 12.30 pm , took the first plane from Vilnius to Prague, then another one from Prague to London Heathrow, had dinner (didn’t have any other choice but to take a burger and a pint of Guiness…), took a nap,  realised that I’m at the wrong terminal, had to take the most expensive cab in my life until I finally reached Heathrow (Terminal 1) only 55 minutes until the departure of my plane (6.00 am). There I met Eva, another AIESEC’er from Warwick University who is currently in Venezuela with me, and we took the flight to Lisbon together.

While flying from London to Heathrow I was sitting near the window and I couldn’t resist taking some pictures of the sky and the clouds (and it’s up to you to evaluate my skills):

Sky clouds plane wings photo

Puffy clouds blue sky photo

Puffy fluffy clouds blue sky photo

Clouds sky flying photo

Scenery Lisbon Portugal sea flying sky birds view photo

We arrived to Lisbon a bit late and I was worried that we might miss the flight but there were some kind of troubles (I can’t imagine how that can happen.. but we were told that there is one crew member missing) and we took off to Caracas (with a technical stop at Funchal, Madeira’s Island).

Overall, the flight was good: I finally had some rest, the meals where alright, I watched some films and only the thing that we were not sitting near the window was a disadvantage. Well, the overly excited child sitting behind me as well.

And finally... after 11 hours-long flight we stood on the land of Venezuela – we arrived to Caracas.