And sadly, my time in Venezuela has come to an end… I am currently sitting at Caracas Airport waiting for my 8 hours-long flight to Lisbon and then another one to London. These two months have past ridiculously fast but I can definitely say that this experience was one of the best I’ve ever had!

A lot of wonderful memories, new and interesting people met, weird Venezuelan habits and crazy experiences, an improvement in Spanish, around 3 thousand pictures taken, several kilos of souvenirs, a suitcase of 27 kg and much much more of other things that I got from this trip to the Venezuela! And there are quite a lot of stories waiting to be told. And don’t worry, even though I am leaving Venezuela in about 20 minutes I am not planning to abandon this blog! And I’ll share the interesting stories with you in the nearest future after I come back to the UK. 🙂

Ohh, about crazy experiences – today at the airport I was stopped by a military officer who checked all my luggage from the bottom to the top.. Believe me, it wasn’t very pleasant!… But… more about it next time – they are starting the boarding to the plane… 🙂

Hasta luego, Venezuela! 🙂