Hello everyone! And yes… It’s me again ,)

you might remember me from the famous Adomas in Venezuela blog or for spamming you with all the information about AIESEC haha Again, I find myself far far away from my home country Lithuania but this time.. in China! In this particular blog I will be sharing some of my experiences and thoughts about one of the oldest civilisations in the world and I hope you’ll enjoy it!

I don’t want to bother you (again..) with all the propaganda about AIESEC (which is actually NOT a propaganda at all) and how it can help you achieve incredible things or have an amazing experience in any of 110 countries… but that’s how I ended up in China. 🙂 And that’s how AIESEC, which is, by the way, the largest students organisation in the entire world, can help you with as well.

So, if you want to find out more about AIESEC, feel free to visit www.aiesec.org or www.aiesec.co.uk or take a look at the things that I wrote in my previous blog: AIESEC. 🙂

And now, what can I say…