Well, I’ve already experienced/noticed a few things that I found just a tiny little bit strange and different from what I’m used to… and so I thought I’d share them with you 🙂
Just to be very clear about it, it’s my own personal opinion, you may well disagree with it (maybe I’m the one who’s strange and not these things) and I have no intentions to insult Chinese people or make stereotypes about China 🙂

So, let’s start!

We went to a large supermarket and I decided to buy some small pies. I tried one and I found the taste a little bit funny… the expiry date answered all my questions: 2011-03-31. A good lesson to double check everything I buy (although it could probably happen anywhere around the world.. couldn’t it?).      🙂

A bicycle path: I think the reason why I found it so hilarious is pretty self explanatory 😀

And lastly, #3.
I captured it at the Shanghai Science & Technology Museum. They were showing some short videos of what to do during an earthquake… Somehow, I found the advice to “lie down on the floor in the middle of the room and hold a pillow over your head” extremely funny! Hmm.. or maybe it’s only me who knows nothing about what to do during an earthquake…

Well, I hope you enjoyed it! And I will be sharing some more things if I notice anything peculiar 😉

I’ve also had a chance to visit the city centre of Shanghai once again and I’ll be spending a few days there from tomorrow evening so there are still a huge number of stories that I want to share… I wish I had more time to do that!

P.S. Sadly, I will have to disappoint you.. I really wish that you can see a bicycle path marked in the photo #2, but it’s not: as I found out later, this is just the way how they mark the parking space for bicycles. But I hope you got a nice dose of Vitamin C! 😀

See ya!