Four weeks have passed and I didn’t managed to write a single post about my experience in China… this is just unforgivable! :/ And it was certainly not because I didn’t have what to write (on the contrary, there are pleeeenty of crazy stories) but I enjoyed my time way too much and I didn’t put many efforts in writing my stories down after a long day of sightseeing (or partying)… And all the photos that I’ve taken (hundreds of them!) kept me way behind as well… Hmm, that’s what you get when you are a perfectionist thinking about every single detail, trying to make it flawless, and then even better and better and… you get nothing. Well, most of the time…

ANYWAY… So, what happened during this time? 🙂

In brief, I went to the city centre of Shanghai, met new people, had fun, did some sightseeing, partying, degustating, went to Beijing, mew new people, met new people that I’d already met, did some climbing, running, eating, sightseeing, partying, temples’ visiting, money spending, came back to Shanghai, more partying, more new people met, had a good time, fell a little bit ill, had an even better time, came back to school and did some, hkchmm, serious teaching and… that’s pretty much it. 😀 And I’ll try to tell you some of it before I leave China (which is in 10 days!!! Ahhhh, I don’t want to leave!)…


Ok ok, one of the crazy things that happened was yesterday’s school trip to one of the Shanghai’s aquariums… you might think: “what crazy can be about a trip to an aquarium?”…
Well, let me tell you one thing – have you ever had sleepover at an aquarium?? While you can see actual sharks swimming above you?? 😀 It was pretty interesting from the beginning but I didn’t enjoy the part when we had to sleep on a stone-hard floor (with only a very thin travelling mattress), without any pillows (tried my shorts instead, didn’t really work)…

Sleepover at the Aquarium Shanghai China photo

I did manage to fall asleep in the end, but felt slightly broken in the next morning… 🙂

And then we went to see a show, which I found pretty nice. (The amount of people that got the tickets (it was only 10am) was insane as well)

Aquarium in Shanghai China photo

Hmm… well… I think that’s pretty much it for today…

And I’ll go to sleep now….

Oh wait, by the way… did I mention that…


Yep!! We currently have people from CNN in our summer camp and it looks like someone will be shown on TV!!! BOOM!! :))))

Not sure if they’ll interview me personally though…. but I was told that they want to record the entire lesson that I’m running… o.O (which is already prepared to every single detail). Should be awesome! 😉

And to answer the question why did they decide to come here: apparently, global IELTS had their IPO (initial public offering) some time this/last year. Which means that ordinary people can now purchase shares of this company/school… I found it a little bit strange but it looks like the school is making A LOT of money and they are rapidly expanding in China (2nd largest education company in China, 1st is New Oriental).

So, now it’s really time to go to bed… I have to look my best tomorrow haha.

Wish me luck!

And see you soon. 😉