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Photo Credit: Paul Worthington


Why do I write a blog? – That’s the real question.

And to be perfectly honest, I don’t know.

I’ve been writing about my experience in Venezuela and China already, and it looks like I will have yet another adventure – this time, in INDIA! My plan is to share everything I learn about their culture, but that’s not all.

Ask any profesional and he will tell you – whatever you do, start with a strategy and ask yourself WHY you wanna do it (what are your goals? what do you want to achieve, exactly?).

So I did a quick brainstorm and this is what I came up with (the comments I added now are in bold, nothing else is corrected):


  • To share my adventures in India – and what?
    • To inspire people to go to india?
    • To inspire people to go on exchange?
    • To show-off and get attention? (a tiny little bit)
    • To demystify India?
    • ….
  • To build a platform – and what???
  • To build a career – what kind of career?
  • To influence people – to do what???
  • To share my knowledge – on what??
    • Marketing?
    • Leadership?
    • Social media?
    • Personal development?
    • Training?
  • To become a well known person  (who wouldn’t want that?) – where? and what for??
    • Lithuania?
    • Europe?
    • World?
  • To make money?(heh, let’s not focus on that just yet)
  • To inspire young people (that’s an eaaasy one…)
  • To learn more about marketing and business
  • To showcase my achievements (it’s great I have plenty of them… not)
  • To showcase the achievements of other young people

I want to gather a tribe of people that..

  • Are interested in entrepreneurship – am I??
  • Are adventurous?
  • Want to learn about social media and marketing?
  • Would be interested in my journeys?
  • Are confused/lost in what they want to do in life?
  • ….


As you can see, I have some ambiguous ideas but not a concrete one yet.

Sure, I will be sharing all the crazy things I do in India and everything I learn (I only need to find the message I want to communicate, which also happens to be the hardest thing 🙂 ).

Then, I will use this space to share any other ideas that I have. Anything I learn. Anything I find important, important to me. And I hope something of that ‘anything‘ will be important to YOU as well.

On this epical journey, this blog will be a chance for me to:

  • became a better writer,
  • share my ideas,
  • and discover what the heck I want to do with my life.

I might not know what I’m doing here now, but there’s at least one thing I’m sure of – if I stick to writing this blog long enough, something amazing and mind-blowing will turn out.

Don’t you think? 🙂