Why people hate Apple and Steve jobs

Before even starting, I want to let you know that I’ve been a proud Apple products owner for at least 7 years already. This relationship began with an iPod Photo in the summer of 2006 and has grown stronger ever since. As I currently own a Macbook Pro, an iPad and an iPhone, I can confidently say that I am one of¬†those Apple fans. ūüôā

Still, the number of things that bother me about Apple and their products has grown exponentially in the past months. Before the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) 2013 begins on Monday, let’s have a look at numerous reasons why one might hate Apple and everything about it. ¬†¬†

1. Pathetic Macbook Chargers

Macbook Pro charger broke photo

OK, this one is personal. As a company that made $41.9 billion¬†in profit in the fiscal year of 2012, you might think that they could invest at least a tiny portion of that money to make chargers that last? Yes, the magnetic click is nice, but it doesn’t matter if the charger breaks down after one year of usage (which happened twice to me already). Not cool.¬†

2. Hysterical Fans

Yes, Apple fans are hysterical, to put it mildly, which is really irritating for everyone else. Samsung were quite correct with their advertisements that¬†mocked crazy Apple fans¬†who don’t care about less expensive, more powerful devices just because “Apple is shiiiinyyyy!”.

3. Losing its “Shiny”

Talking about it, the user interface of Macbook is brilliant and I love it. But Apple is surely losing its ground in this field. Owing a Mac made you cool, hip, swell or swag, as we say in these days. And now it’s fading away because Apple went for the masses, disappointing their most loyal fans.

4. Items Are Overpriced

Ask anyone who doesn’t own an Apple device and they’ll tell you that it’s greatly overpriced. At the same time, Apple could probably charge twice as much for their devices and they’d still have loads of customers who’d want to associate themselves with their brand. Also, considering that most of iGadgets are made in China, can these prices be really justified?¬†

5. Suicidal Work Conditions in China

Suicide nets at Foxconn apple factory foxconn photo

Safety nets at Foxconn factory by Thomas Lee

In 2010, at least 14 people committed suicide in the Foxconn factory in China which is one of the main manufacturers of Apple devices. Tim Cook visited the factory twice since then and a lot has been done to increase the working conditions: a relatively higher salary that might be sponsored by Apple itself, a team of psychologists and care counselors, a 24/7 help-line, even safety nets to prevent suicides.

Sadly, the problem still remains, as 3 more workers committed suicide just a few weeks ago.

6. Using Multiple Tax Loopholes

According to New York Times, “Thanks to what lawmakers called ‚Äúgimmicks‚ÄĚ and ‚Äúschemes,‚ÄĚ Apple was able to largely sidestep taxes on tens of billions of dollars it earned outside the United States in recent years.”

A comment on MacRumors in¬†response to such situation: “It sickens me that the richest corporation in the world pay no taxes to nobody while millions cannot afford basic necessities like food, and even more millions pay lots more in taxes to take up the slack.¬†Apple is scummy.” – would you agree?

7. Screwing Their Investors

In 2012 Apple had $97.6 billion in cash (which now grew to $144 billion in 2013). But it was only after Tim Cook became the CEO of Apple, that they decided to pay dividends to their investors for the first time since 1995.

What about the forecasts for the future? Forbes gives you¬†seven reasons why it might be doomed, including a share price that’s too high, no new products in the pipeline, no more Steve Jobs and his innovations, and a few other strategical problems that Apple currently faces.

8. Where’s the Magic?

This device [insert the name here] is nothing like we’ve made before. It’s revolutionary. It’s ground breaking.¬†It’s magical.

Well, no, not anymore. You changed the game with the first iPhone and the first iPad but you have only made incremental changes since then, which is not the definition of revolutionary. So please stop using magical for every single device that you release as its becoming a cliche.

iOS maps, with its roller-coster airports, disappearing lakes and missing roads, houses, cities and even countries, was an epic flop as well.

Vilnius Airport roller coaster ios maps iphone photo

Vilnius Airport on iOS maps – truly magical

9. Screw-ups and (Missing) Apologies

Apple is making mistakes and they’re doing it more frequently now. Remember the iPhone4 antenna problems? They didn’t admit it was¬†their¬†fault,¬†‘You’re holding the iPhone the wrong way‘, they said.

With the Apple Maps, Tim Cook did make a¬†public apology, but who wants to be part of a brand that doesn’t deliver quality?

Remember Microsoft and Windows? Apple could be on the same path as well.

10. Ridiculous Patents War

Am I the only one who thinks that patenting a disappearing vertical scroll indicator bar is a nonsense?

Or suing a Polish online grocery store, www.a.pl, because according to Apple “by using the name that sounds similar, is using Apple’s reputation”?

Or the battle between Apple and Samsung about copying the iPhone’s design? Samsung’s comment after losing this lawsuit in the US is spot-on: “unfortunate that patent law can be manipulated to give one company a monopoly over rectangles with rounded corners”.

Samsung obviously copied the design and even the CEO admitted it. But it’s not about it. For me,¬†Apple looks like a desperate guy trying to clinch to its power in every possible way.

As an Apple fan, I didn’t care if Samsung had copied the iPhone. I didn’t want an iPhone copy, I wanted an Apple iPhone, with¬†it’s functionality and quality. But Apple doesn’t understand it and it makes them look like a crybaby.

11. Monopoly on Your Purchases

OK, so you start with iTunes, you buy an iPod, than a Macbook, then an iPhone, then an iPad‚Ķ you keep purchasing apps, books and movies, and live a very happy life. But let’s assume that 20 years from now there will be a completely new tech company, far far better than Apple (impossible? remember the situation 5 years ago with Nokia), which will make you decide to switch.

BUT, you realise, it’s close to impossible. All the apps you bought and accumulated during the years are only compatible with iOS devices. Books and movies you purchased via iTunes? Same thing. And although you would be able to transfer your music, it will still be a painful experience – compare that with Android, which is compatible with Samsung, HTC, Motorola, Sonny Ericsson,¬†¬†LG and other mobiles phones, thus, providing an effortless way to move all your purchases.¬†

Finally, you may not know that you don’t actually own any digital content you purchased, you only get a licence to use it. So¬†even after you die, you lose the rights to all the content you’ve paid for.¬†

12. No International Insurance for iPhones

Apple is a multibillion, multinational brand, and it doesn’t have a global warranty system for iPhones. Even if you paid extra for an extended coverage, you can only service it at the country of purchase.

Sucks big time if your iPhone breaks down while traveling abroad.

13. No Customisation

someecards.com -

On Android, you can personalise your screen to the slightest detail, on iPhone, all you can do is change the home screen, and buy a sticker or a bumper case to change the looks of it. Is this how Apple understands creativity?

14. Poor User Interface

There’s a great¬†article on Business Insider¬†which lists the flaws of iOS 6. Jan Yarow argues that a mere design update for the iOS will not be enough and that it should require a very deep an thorough update of the software to provide value for the customers.

If we look at the iOS 6, Apple Maps is worse than Google maps, Notes is worse than Evernote, Camera and Calendar apps are beaten by many other apps, popping-up notifications are not convenient as they cover the screen and limit your work, changing settings is not convenient either (e.g. it takes too many steps just to change the brightness or switch off/on the bluetooth), among many others.

The Samsung phone has many more features, while the personalisation of the phone makes it a real winner, which¬†I think is exactly why there are so many people switching their iPhone for a Samsung’s Galaxy S4.¬†Let’s see if the new iOS 7 will be able to revert this negative trend.

15. Nightmare for Gamers

Although the situation is getting slightly better, owing an Apple computer is still a nightmare for the no-lifers. One can get very excited about new game releases and quickly disappointed after he realises it will not come out on Macs.

16. Incompatible With Windows

This is another thing I hate about it. I love Pages and Keynote, but those files are not compatible with Windows, which is still the most popular desktop operating system, racking up a huge 91.67% of all desktop users.

Windows Apple Linux share of users on Desktop PC computers statistics graph photo

Yes, I can convert it to .doc and .pptx or something else, but most often it would lose the beautiful formatting and style that I worked so hard on, which is a waste of time.

17. Multiple Adapters

You won’t be able to show your wonderful Keynote presentations if you don’t have a VGA adapter. Having to buy and carry them all is a pain.

18. Environmentally (Un)Friendly?

A year ago Apple made a statement that they will¬†withdraw their Macbook’s from EPEAT¬†(Electronic Product Environmental Assessment Tool). Macbook Pro with Retina display was ineligible for the standard because the battery and glass were¬†glued to the case, thus,¬†very difficult to replace¬†or recycle (which is one of the most important things for EPEAT).

Following a customers’ backlash, Apple reenlisted the Macbook Pro notebooks to EPEAT and suddenly were¬†given the highest ranking¬†– wait, what?

A notebook with its parts glued to the body, thus, impossible to replace, is not only environmentally unfriendly, but it also sounds like a way to force people buy new notebooks, instead of just repairing them.

19. Virus Free? Not anymore

“Apple computers are virus free”, they advertised. But with the growing number of Apple users, it was just a matter of time when more hackers will focus on cracking Apple’s security systems. They’ve already proved that Macs are no longer safe from hackers, and this can get much worse ¬†in the future.

20. Steve Jobs

Reason to hate Apple Steve Jobs photo

According to Google, there are around 89,100,000 results online, corresponding to the “hate Steve Jobs” search, and that is quite a biiiig number.

Reasons to hate Steve Jobs and Apple photo

“The bullying, manipulation and fear that followed him around Apple”, “a reputation internally for acting like a tyrant”, “Jobs regularly belittled people, swore at them, and pressured them until they reached their breaking point”, “Apple’s factories in China have regularly employed young teenagers and people below the legal work age of 16, made people work grueling hours, and have tried to cover all this up.” – tells Ryan Tate at hist article on Gawker, What Everyone is Too Polite to Say About Steve Jobs.

Indeed, people either hate him for his temper, or love him for his brilliant mind.

21. No Social Media Engagement

Let me tell you this, no social media engagement is the main reason why Apple will go bankrupt. Yes, you heard me right.

While Samsung is putting their effort into creating a dialogue with their customers, Apple is not communicating at all. In the contrary, they use everything they can to limit any news coming from Cupertino about their products.

In the past, this technique worked quite well: combined with Steve Jobs’ charisma, highly entertaining keynotes and mind-blowing products, they managed to generate a huge amount of media and fans coverage for themselves.

But this approach is outdated.

Even if they do release new mind-blowing projects, it is just a single event, which happens not more than a few times a year. Hoping that it will keep their fans energised for the rest of the year is not only naive, it’s a straight path to failure.¬†

Samsung uses country based communication to address and engage their fans. They do it constantly and with great quality, having 20+ million fans on Samsung Mobile Facebook page and 23+ million fans on Samsung Mobile USA¬†– these are the people Samsung reaches¬†every. single. day.¬†As a result, they generates an insane amount of buzz coming not only from their own customers but also from people who don’t even own a Samsung phone.

Apple uses a YouTube channel to show their ads, they have a Facebook page for both iTunes and Apple Store, and numerous Twitter accounts for their products. But they don’t use it to engage with their fans, they use it just¬†to generate more money.

Even if it doesn’t go bankrupt in the next 5-10 years, Apple will significantly lose its market share to Samsung, believe it or not.

22. What’s the 22nd Reason to Hate Apple?

I’ve tried to be as thorough as possible but I might have missed a reason or two.

What about you, would you add anything to the list?