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After spending over $2,000,000 on Facebook ads and generating thousands of leads and sales for my clients, I could say I’m fairly knowledgable of the ins and outs of Facebook advertising. I love Power Editor and find extreme joy in going through hundreds of rows and columns of campaign data, trying to identify all the hidden opportunities for optimisation. And if that makes me sound like a geek, great – I most certainly am one!

I was also the primary advertiser of some of the most successful crowdfunding campaigns, including Filippo Loreti (€4.8mn), MyKronoz ($5.3mn), Superscreen ($2.5mn) and LIV Watches ($1.7mn and $1.1mn), where I put all my love for algorithms and data analysis into full action.

Aside from that, I’m an avid traveller and will spend the majority of 2017 exploring different locations in South East Asia. If you’d like to discover the rest of my story and see where I am at the moment, just click below:

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Recent Articles

The No.1 Thing That’s Killing Twitter

For the past few months I've spent much more time on Twitter and started to see some real value in it. The flux of tweets can be overwhelming sometimes, but with some clever management, like setting up Twitter lists or different feeds, you can not only survive but...

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Why I Killed My Most Popular Blog Post

On June 9th, 2013, I published my infamous article on the 22 reasons to hate Apple. My website was just a few months old and didn't have much content or any backlinks (still doesn't, for that matter). Yet my article jumped to the top search results on for a...

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Why Your Obsession Over Facebook Likes Is All Wrong

"Need 100,000 REAL Facebook page likes for $50" - one of the most common themes when it comes to Facebook-related jobs on freelancing platforms, and I hate it. It wouldn't be as bad if those were just some isolated cases. Sadly, it looks like such attitude is...

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Why I Unfollowed You on Instagram

Do you own a smartphone? If so, I bet you have an Instagram account too, because it. is. awesome. In a split of a second you can turn an otherwise boring photo into a piece of art (sort of…), so it's not surprising that Instagram has already passed the 200 million...

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How Samsung’s Advertisers Are Kicking Apple’s Ass

Have you seen the newest ad by Samsung, mocking the screen size of the iPhone 6? The one that's laughing at a phone that's not even released yet? If not, have a look: If you know anything about me, then you must know that I'm an avid fan of Apple products (despite a...

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Why I Started a Blog, And You Should Too

Long time, no see, huh? Since my last blog post, This Student Graduated With a 2:2 and It Completely Ruined His Life, which kind of went viral, I haven't published anything for almost four months. It's not that I didn't have anything to say, actually, quite the...

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On Making It ‘Perfect’

I'm a perfectionist... - I heard this phrase, AND repeated it myself, way too often. When in fact, perfection doesn't exist. Look closely at the image above: does it seem perfect to you? Or does it make you somewhat irritated? Can you spot that the t letter is...

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