Have you ever wondered what are the exact tools other marketers are using? I know I have!

That’s why I put this resource list together – here, you’ll find the main tools I’m using for managing my work. I’ll constantly keep updating it, as I find more useful resources.

Disclosure: some of the links below are affiliate links – yes, they are – so I will earn a small commission if you decide to make a purchase. However, I will never, ever recommend anything that I haven’t used myself and found truly useful. If you decide to click on them and make a purchase, that’s amazing – I know these tools will help you achieve your goals too. And if you don’t feel like it – I insist you just Google and try those tools anyway 🙂 Cheers! 


Productivity  & Business:

  • Evernote – I started using Evernote for managing pretty much any text information – instead of using Word or Keynote, I write everything to Evernote. Instead of bookmarking pages, I also save all useful information on Evernote – this helps me to keep everything in one place, so that I can access it both online and offline on any device. Sweet. I’ve learned some great ways about how to structure it from Michael Hyatt and a course on Skillshare, Get Stuff Done Like a Boss, by Tiago Forte.
  • Dropbox – Although I can sync documents in Evernote, I use Dropbox for backing up other important files, like photos and presentations, and sharing them with others.
  • Google Drive – I just love having everything on the cloud. I found Sheets and Docs super useful when collaborating with others, and I can also use mobile apps to access and edit any of those documents.
  • Paypal – my main way to send and receive payments from international clients. Simple!


Email Marketing & List Building:

  • Mailchimp – a simple tool for sending email marketing campaigns, including autoresponders and newsletters. You can use it for free up to 2,000 subscribers.
  • LeadPages – LeadPages is just an amazing tool for building incredible landing pages that convert.
  • VCita – One of my favourite apps. Integrates super easily with WordPress and allows me to receive appointment bookings for the coaching sessions – love it!


Web & Blogging:

  • Bluehost – if you’re starting a blog, you will need a domain and a place to host it. I started with Bluehost and I’m very glad I did! The best thing – you can launch your own WordPress blog in less than 20 minutes.
  • WordPress – arguably the best blogging platform out there? I use it for all websites that I manage and I love it.
  • Themesforest – the greatest place to find beautiful WordPress themes.